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Copyright as a concept
Copyright (copyright - "the right to reproduce") is a form of intellectual property protection. The right to copyright is not acquired under the scheme that is used to obtain a patent. The process of issuing a patent is complex and time-consuming. In contrast, according to the American "Copyright Act", copyright appears immediately after the end of work on the author's work, regardless of where and when this work was published and whether it was published at all, and also whether they were registered the author's right to his creation. However, the "US Copyright Office" offers copyright registration services, which in the case of litigation allows to substantiate the legality of the right to own intellectual property. However, no authorization is required for the author to use the copyright symbol - (C). Copyright protects literary, musical, choreographic, graphic, architectural works, photographs, games, etc. A work protected by copyright, as well as any part thereof, can not be used without the permission of the owner.
However, the idea, procedure, process, principle, etc. can not be protected by copyright. - because, for example, a ban on the use of an idea will exclude it from the use of mankind and make it impossible to create new and original works based on it. The IPWatchdog consulting organization illustrates this principle by the following example: a novel about the Second World War can be protected by copyright, but the very idea of ​​writing new novels on this subject is not protected by copyright. The law declares that works protected by copyright can be used for criticism, commentaries, media reports, teaching and teaching, as well as scientific research. However, in doing so, the work should be used "honestly", using a number of rules, the most famous of which is a correct reference to the source and direct quoting of not more than two paragraphs of the original text.
ELibrary Copyright
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